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The central bank cut the current

Le 4 February 2015, 03:54 dans Humeurs 0

euros the ECB QE (quantitative easing) due to the strong revaluation of the dollar index. The central bank cut the current RMB exchange rate homeopathy, convey a more market-oriented guide expectations intentions, does not mean turning the short-term exchange rate policy. Estimated the yuan against the dollar during the ynike air max 90 mujerear will remain a two-way volatility, edged slightly derogatory.Sunday, January announced the official manufacturing PMI fell below the line ups and downs 49.8,28 slightly wounded 50, below a Reuters poll forecast of 50.2. HSBC (HSBC) / Markit jointly announced Monday, January China Manufacturing PMI final value of 49.7, slightly lower than the initial value of 49.8; the end of the month is 49.6.Global currency, the Swiss franc against the euro and the dollar hit a two-week low Monday amid rumors that the Swiss central bank intervened to weaken the Swiss franc, and the reports that the central bank pegged to a new informal range.China's central bank June 19, 2010 announced the resumption of the reform, enhance the RMB exchange rate flexibility; since March 17, 2014, the Bank continued volatility of the exchange rate

on the expanded 2 percent, the central bank and continue to be published in the foreign exchange market exchange rate floating range RMB exchange rate floating dynamic management and regulation. "Castle church, supermodel bride, do ornaments ......" King-class Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's wedding recently in the UK once again attracted a great deal of attention from outside. Of course, in this round of interest in not only an entertainment perspective, as well as observed from the industry.Just when fans want to listen to Jay's old recollections of the super idol song to heart, a large number of online music sector, but the editors are to Jay's music copyright troubles. As Alibaba's largest music platform, shrimp music music library has millions of songs, but there was no album Jay.In this regard, shrimp music only "selling Moe", said: "Jay's copyright we do not afford, but we can also send blessings to them air max 1 hombre... Jolin, Vivian Hsu, Landy, Patty." Shrimp a long list Jay's ex-girlfriend string list of songs to cope with this "copyright crisis."Of course, this "copyright crisis" trapped music is not the only one shrimp. At the end

of December 2014, Jay JVR Music where the company issued a statement, saying NetEase cloud music, everyday sounds, koalas and other sites suspected of infringing Jay FM music copyright, require these related websites infringing content shelves immediately.In sharp contrast, as Jay's exclusive online music copyright side, Tencent's QQ music has become the biggest winner of the recent. Analysys International researcher  music industry in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald reporter pointed out that, from the current status quo of digital music development, copyright contention is increasingly becoming the main way they compete in major online music institutions.Music copyright battle strikes"We have own brand of music and Jay JVR Music entered into an exclusive strategic  nike air max 2014 barataspartnership copyright, with its artists, including Jay, including exclusive rights in mainland China Internet music platform." For the mode of cooperation, QQ music of a Bit official told the 21st Century Business Herald.A source said the music industry, in Jay's exclusive copyright cooperation, QQ music pay huge. Although Tencent has never disclosed the details of the specific amount of cooperation with Jay, but now look, this investment has brought a very significant market returns to QQ music.December 17, 2014, JVR Music

to support the policy of

Le 4 February 2015, 03:51 dans Humeurs 0

while the iron is hot, a few days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Government launched the "Shenzhen New Energy Development Programme of work" and "Shenzhen City to promote the application of new energy vehicles, a number of policy measures", became the first since the 2015 introduction of new energy vehicles to support the policy of the city. Shenzhen will co-ordinate the establishment of five billion yuan of new energy vehicles, promote the use of support funds.Director of the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Research Center Li Youhnike free 5.0 v4 hombre  uan in the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said that Shenzhen new energy policy, whether the car is more oil and less coal to solve our energy mix, or the promotion of technological innovation, industrial restructuring, economic structure adjustments, as well as to boost confidence in the industry are positive. Previously, Shenzhen car restriction policy, although attracted a lot of controversy, but to the new energy vehicles "green light" in an

annual increase of 100,000 new car indicators, 20000 index will be assigned to new energy vehicles."Like Guangzhou, Chongqing, in 2013, in 2014 to support the scale is around 300 million-400 million yuan, while a new energy bus is 50 million, the central and local 1: 1 ratio of the respective half the words, where 25 million, if it is 2000, that is 500 million yuan, in fact, is very small, about to give five billion yuan in Shenzhen, in order to push the 20000 bus to cover the 5 billion yuan. "CCID car Industry Research Center analyst Jia-hong said the "Daily Economic News" reporter.According to the "Shenzhen City to promote the application of new energy vehicles, a number of policy measures" for the purchase of new energy vehicles for 1: 1 matching local subsidies, and reclaim the slope (diminishing). nike roshe run comprarPure electric buses, for example, the maximum subsidy of up to 50 per million (body length of 10 meters or more), and pure electric passenger vehicles, the standard conditions driving range of 250 km above the subsidy is reached 60,000 yuan.According to regulations, for individuals, businesses purchase and use of new energy passenger

subsidies, mainly for compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, road toll, charge fees, own charging facilities and installation fees aspects, pure electric passenger vehicles maximum subsidy of up to 20,000 yuan (standard conditions driving range of 250 kilometers or more). To encourage taxi operators to buy used electric taxis, in addition to enjoying the pure electric passenger car and use subsidies, fuel for pure electric taxi updatesMoving taxi, and the other to give subsidies to promote the use of 55,800 yuan. Taxi operators due 2015 update for pure electric taxi, updating the number of vehicles in the same property a 1: 1 ratio of replacement, the other 10% of the number given replacement electric taxi index reward.It is worth noting that Shenzhen has set a goal of nike roshe run baratas2015 added 15,000 new energy vehicles. Director Li Youhuan Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, told reporters in Shenzhen municipal government specifically for the promotion of new energy vehicles were larger deployments, eliminating the worries of the public car charging completed 15,000 additional new energy vehicles is not a

regulation and land occupation

Le 4 February 2015, 03:50 dans Humeurs 0

 resources are prone to spread trend in land and mineral rights leasing land and resources in the country on January 29 held a video conference on the work of honest government , aspects of land and mineral rights assessment, administrative examination and approval, law enforcement supervision, regulation and land occupation and retrieval index trading areas with distinct characteristics, not only have a serious impact on the reform and devenike free 5.0 v4 mujer  lopment of land and resources, but also caused huge losses to the national interest.According to the conference this year will be carried out for the Department of Homeland field of land management and mineral resources of the two outstanding issues of special rectification action. Land which will focus on how to standardize procedures and solve land revenue can not be put in storage, land acquisition costs and other outstanding issues false statement, the system combing existing management system and solve the problem of land mortgages and other irregularities.Reporters learned from the Land Department, rectification rectification work to be combined with the issue of land and mineral rights special audit

findings.According to the Department of Homeland released in March last year, "State land inspector Notice" (No. 7), 2013 China has a presence in 19 cities illegal land mortgage financing behavior, involving 1361 project, the area has reached 14,233 hectares of land, mortgage amount of up to 118.3 billion yuan.National land inspectorate said the person, due to the existence of hidden mortgage financing, hard by the generanike air max thea baratasl public to supervise discovery. If you do not step up supervision, constraint specification, violations may be intensified.Real estate has been the hardest hit areas of corruption in local government corruption, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department in August 2014, according to the disclosure, the central inspection teams patrol the area, the presence of 95% of real estate corruption.Around also strive to avoid loopholes in the system caused by human action space. For example, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province stipulates that land auction

and the reserve price should be linked to transfer activities within the first one hour, by the same level government organizations by land, planning, finance, housing construction, land housing management, discipline inspection and other units to sell Decision upset team to land an important reference for the valuation results, and overall consideration of industrial policy, land policy and land supply market situation, determine the collective decision-making.Yan Yuejin said that in 2014 the land audit for local government and land sector, both a "pnike air huarache baratashysical", it is a "final exam" will inevitably expose some problems, but also the perfect place to promote some of the lack of system stand up. 2014 has been called the new energy vehicles, "the first year of the policy." According to the "Daily Economic News" reporter to incomplete statistics, in 2014, a total of 21 provinces and municipalities launched a new energy automobile policy and planning documents at least 70 copies.Strike

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